Swamp Creature Work in Progress

Work In Progress / 08 May 2021

Having just finished my last project, the likeness of Lars Mikkelsen, I am looking to a slightly different type of project.

This is a project where I have had the model laying around since I made it about a year ago, but I just never really took it from model to final piece.
I want to pick it up now and call it a wrap. Gotta admit it is quite hard to pick up an old project and it was slightly painful initially, but I quickly got into it and started to get some get ideas and some good results playing around and testing some different stuff.
This is a little teaser here, where I tested the picture with a darker grittier theme, I will probably need to keep a version like this for the final one, and also have a lighter one, but I will test out what I find to work better!