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Work In Progress / 28 April 2019

First Blog post, wasn't exactly sure what to use this for, but since artstation mostly is a portfolio site, I figured blog posts could easily be a place for wips and thoughts.

Having just finished up the female adventurer, I am looking toward the next project to finish up, but also try and improve some techniques.
there were quite a few things that I felt I could improve on my last project that I want to have a look at in this one, the face being one, though not in this update here.

First let's have a look at it.
here is the concept I am working from

I haven't been able to identify the artist of this, if anyone knows, by all means tell me so I can give credit.
I started with a quick material breakdown.

Here is the current state of the project

The head is a placeholder just for testing out the posing, the last project was made in an A-pose, where I will be making this one in pose, Not sure of that is the best decision, but time will tell I guess.
There is still some of his gear missing as you can tell, and some things are still quite rough, especially the scabbard.
There are big problems with the lower legs and feet at the moment which is high on the list of things to fix.
I think I will redo the boots, they feel quite far from what I want to hit, they seem thin and fragile, I want it to resemble a more heavy army boot, but in a slightly lighter and nimbler version.

I also have the beginnings of a face, at the moment it is very generic and lack character. but most of the base feel ok at the moment, I will have to dive deeper into some reference at this point get more of a person into it.

but I think this is the general state of it at the moment, I will try and see if blogging about this thing is for me, we'll see!